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    Free Likeability Report for your Business
    Advertising and Marketing are wasted if your businesses is not likeable- Get your score for FREE!

    Consumers like to associate themselves with those businesses that are popular and have a good reputation. Can you blame them wanting to do business with someone that is Likeable? Even Search is based on Popularity and Reputation now. 

    We are offering a FREE Likeability Score for your business.  This is an indepth analysis of your Online and Community Popularity and Reputation.


    Go To https://www.socialkudo.com/likeability to request your score.

    Social Kudo is a different kind of Public Relations firm. We focus primarily on Popularity and Reputation (PR) Management, or what we call Likeability. We help clients increase their revenues by 20% or more by using a very tailored approach in increasing their Likeability Score. Likeability is measured not only in the community, but online as well, and has a direct influence on search engine placement. Our 18+ point grading scale gives us and the client a unique view into what needs to be accomplished to reach specific goals.
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