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  • Leadership Rockwall Class of 2018

    Class Project: Rockwall Information Resource Hubs

    Leadership Rockwall’s Class of 2018 is implementing “Rockwall Information Resource Hubs” as their class project which is specifically designed to assist families in our community that find themselves in the midst of crisis or transition.  This is accomplished by installing dedicated computer resource stations in existing client service areas at local non-profit organizations that serve women, children, and families in crisis.

    The Children’s Advocacy Center for Rockwall County, Helping Hands, and Women In Need all serve clients and residents in our community that are experiencing untold trials, and need additional assistance in regaining stability in their lives. Applications for housing, work, education, SNAP, WIC, and Veteran’s Assistance are now predominantly online and require stable internet connectivity.  Victims of abuse, domestic violence, or those in the midst of life altering situations—all served by these organizations—struggle with limited financial resources and are forced to make decisions that meet the immediate need of safe and secure housing over expenses incurred for additional amenities like internet connectivity. This project has the potential to reach over 14,000 residents in our community—friends, neighbors, and classmates.    


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    For more information, please contact:


    Melody Hail                                                                                                    


    Patricia Mejia


  • Leadership Rockwall Class of 2018


    Bethany Browning, City of Rockwall | Kevin Clark, City of Rockwall | EJ Pipkin, American National Bank | Megan Riddle, Rockwall County Meals on Wheels |                                                    Melody Hail, Rockwall County Helping Hands | Garrett Bothun, Garrett Bothun Consulting | Patricia Mejia, The Children’s Advocacy Center  John Beaman, City of Heath |                             Tommy Baugh, NTX Digital Indoor Billboard | Jean Laswell, Rockwall ISD | Lacy Deckward, Regal Realtors | Daniel de la Torre, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital - Rockwall

  • Join a distinguished network of leaders dedicated to making the Rockwall Area better!

    The Leadership Rockwall program was created on the belief that community, just as any business or organization, requires strong leadership to improve and grow. Founded in 1997, Leadership Rockwall aims to identify current and emerging leaders in our community, enhance their leadership skills, and deepen their knowledge of the area’s opportunities and challenges. In September of each year, the selected participants begin a series of nine monthly full-day sessions.


    Through the sessions, participants meet and talk with Rockwall’s current leaders and through panel discussions, presentations and experiences, explore the area’s opportunities, needs and resources. Leadership Rockwall provides a thought-provoking experience focusing on the attributes of the state, and what it means to be a leader.


    Candidates will be selected primarily on the basis of prior leadership experience and/or the desire to become a more effective leader. A special subcommittee from the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce makes the selections.


    Why apply?

    • If you want to learn more about major issues facing Rockwall.
    • If you do business in Rockwall.
    • If it is important that you become more effective in dealing with business leaders or elected officials.
    • If you want to target your leadership skills toward meeting major Rockwall Area concerns.
    • If you have plans to someday run for public office.

    What do participants gain?

    Many graduates find that this training taps something in them that they didn't know existed. Today, they are contributing to vital areas of the community including public office, business, arts, social services and community civic organizations. 

    • A far greater  understanding and perspective of the community.
    • Knowledge of their personal strategies and how to utilize them.
    • Improved leadership skills.
    • A new network of professionals.
    • Enhanced confidence.
    • Unparalleled learning opportunities.
    • A passion to improve our community.
    • Instills community trusteeship understanding.

    What do employers gain?

    Many employers derive multiple benefits from their investment in Leadership Rockwall. Often the involvement of their employees in Leadership paves the way for future cooperative efforts and grooms leaders that contribute to their organizations. 

    • Identifies employees' strengths and how to work well with others.
    • Provides professional networking opportunities.
    • Helps employees develop greater personal vision.
    • Offers exposure for companies.
    • Reinforces skills and imparts knowledge to participants.
    • Improves employees' vision for "big picture" thinking.
    • Provides a package of cost-effective, efficient training.
    • Enhances problem-solving skills.

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