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    May 22, 2017
    Rockwall, Texas – May 16, 2017 – Leazzer was joined by the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce to commemorate a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 697 E. I-30.
    Leazzer, a new startup app launched in January 2017, is live on the app store exclusively for apple customers only. The app views every home and garage as a rental store.  So, the humble garage space, parking space, grill, canoe, kayak, SUP board etc can be put on the app for rent so that your fellow community member can rent it from you instead of buying it.  Alternatively, one could save money by renting things from Leazzer that they rarely use. Leazzer is also available for businesses to rent things out on its platform or rent from the platform. Leazzer is what the owners call “Couch Potato Currency Generator” because the income comes from renting out things you own without you ever leaving your couch.
                           Leazzer App – A new way to look at your home and garage.
    12 reasons to use Leazzer:
    Leazzer has features that go above and beyond the normal apps provide in an app store. The following are the reasons one should consider using Leazzer.
    1. Users get 1000 points just for signing up.
    2. User and friends make $25 in points when the friend does transactions worth $200.
    3. Extremely easy to use and very intuitive. Designed “By the people, for the people, and only for the people”
    4. There is an approval process for each user to protect all users.
    5. To receive payment and to make a payment is very easy.
    6. You can list almost any item from your home and garage.
    7. 4+ rating by Apple
    8. Accumulate more points as you grow from silver to gold to platinum level in the app.
    9. Benefit from promo codes sent from time to time that will help save on rentals
    10. Availability of your store and its status at your finger tips
    11. Free subscription to YouTube channel of Leazzer that provides new business ideas that any adult      could implement.
    12.Availability of free e-book download of profitable strategies from www.leazzer.com that could be employed to make extra income.
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