• Geoffrey Lyons

    November’s Ambassador of the Month, Geoffrey C. Lyons, is 4th Generation Rockwall Native, and Chief Marketing Officer to 4D IT Solutions, Inc., an extremely specialized, fascinating, and surgical IT firm that operates under the guise of “The last IT firm that you will ever have to work with.”  Adjoined to this passion, Geoffrey has proudly praised maintaining 100% client retention since 4D IT’s inception back in 2013.  Geoffrey is on a mission to rekindle a fractured trust in the SMB/SME & Large Enterprise world of IT while empowering businesses to grow and scale to record new heights.  Geoffrey, summed up is enthusiastic, jack-of-all-trades, thought-leader, Texas technologist, self-experimenter, and productivity hacker.  He loves exploring how to reach peak personal and professional performance, along with connecting business leaders and their organizations with other highly esteemed industry leaders to work together. 

    Geoffrey is an advocate for developing the youth in Rockwall County, to be professional leaders of today and tomorrow in hopes to retain top performing talent in the North Texas region.  Geoffrey serves in a multitude of areas for his firm, to include Business Development, Client Retention, IT Systems Engineering, Solutions Architecture, and Marketing & Sales.

    Prior to his current position, Geoffrey was also a methodical and mission-driven military leader with over eight years of progressively increasing responsibility. He utilized his expertise in conducting all-source intelligence analysis & leading targeting operations to directly support more than 5,300 Special Forces and Special Operations personnel to include government employees between the Central American, South American, and Middle Eastern regions of the world.

    Geoffrey established dynamic collaboration strategies, with multi-agency personnel in high-pressure situations, under constricted deadlines, conducted countless briefings regarding impacts to US policies. Geoffrey produced daily intelligence reports that received the highest levels of visibility on up to the offices of the POTUS and the VPOTUS. He also has a proven record of applying advanced intelligence & behavior analytic skills to identify, assess, interpret, and report potential threats; while maintaining or improving international relations with senior ranking foreign military partners and officials. 

    Geoffrey is an undisputed leader with an astonishing positive mental attitude, who can work independently or with a team, is exceptionally creative, and enjoys exceeding current goals with lasting effects. He consistently seeks challenge and thrives in a competitive environment; while, always striving to be the very best and disrupting the status quo.

    Geoffrey is extremely interested in the Electronic Sports "E-Sports" industry, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) sector, Information Security realm, and currently co-leads one of the first Ambassador Growth Group’s; which, is an unconventional and highly successful concept to garner dramatic business growth and success in a small professional working group of Chamber Business Leaders.  Outside of work; Geoffrey, is a proud father and husband, and member of the Rockwall Noon Rotary Club, where he also serves as the RYLA Chairperson. He coaches soccer every season at the J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall, and is an active mentor at both the Rockwall High School Robotics Team, and the Rockwall ISD’s Dr. Gene Burton College & Career Academy with the Cyber Patriot Program, which includes both Rockwall & Rockwall Heath High Schools.  He also proudly serves as the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Terry Fisher American Legion Post# 117 here in Rockwall, is an active and founding member of the Rockwall Veteran’s Business Alliance, and has served with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.  Geoffrey is also an active member of the Young Professionals of Rockwall, and was recently elected to serve on the Young Professionals of Rockwall Board of Directors.  He is also an active member of The Downtown Rockwall Association where he also serves as a social media lead.  Geoffrey is also a member of the North Texas Crime Commission, North Texas Cyber Committee, North Texas Cybersecurity Group, DFW Cyber Threat Intelligence Pros, DefCon Group 214, Dallas Hacker Association.