• Office Customer Care/Sales support

    Job Description
    Office Customer Care/Sales support
    Typically, 30-40 hours a week
    General Office Tasks: ~15% of the workload

    • Maintain detailed Standard Operating Procedures for all your tasks within our system, updating as processes are improved or changed.
    • Stay up to date on all programs and treatments offered to clients.
    • Complete assigned projects as they may arise.
    • Ordering supplies
    • Keeping a clean and organized workspace
    • Keeping an organized to-do/priority list
    Customer Care & Virtual Assistant Other Lawn Doctors: ~60% of the workload
    • Phones will be answered during the hours of your assigned shift.
    • Emails that come in during business hours will be responded to within business hours. Emails outside of business hours will be responded to within 2 hours of the next business day.
    • All phone, text and email correspondence with customer will be added to their call log on same day.
    • Survey new clients to ensure we are offering excellent customer service. Get reviews
    • Qualify in coming leads, obtain contact information, add to Service Assistant and Pass caller or information to Sales department.
    • Keep Sales Spreadsheet up to date.
    • New Sale Activations.
    • Post payments received from clients daily.
      • Either by phone or by checks
    • Get updated credit card info for expired auto-pay cards when a call log comes in that a card has been declined.
    • Post adjustments to customer’s accounts for balance clean up or any balance issues as directed
    • Collections
    Assist Production/Operations: ~25% of the workload
    • Relay route changes, customer requests and questions any other production communication in an expedient manner to minimize errors and down time.
    • Schedule Service Calls from customer or technician request. Create call log for the request and leave detailed notes on the job about the lawn issues and place on routing sheet.
    • Communicate Service Call results to customers once the technician submits a service call report.
    • Assist Operations team with contacting clients and providing additional details for tasks they need to complete in a quick manner. Allowing them to be as efficient as possible and not delayed on a property. 
    • Monitor Vonage text communications and address appropriate items.
    • Maintain inventory logs
    Service Assistant:
    • Be an expert user in Service Assistant.
    • Be familiar with CAW – Customer Assistant Website
    • Ensure that all information in Service Assistant is accurate, current and in a standard format
    • Work closely with Real Green to resolve our technical issues and improve our knowledge of how to use it.   
    Other Duties:
    • Follow all Team Member Handbook Policies (in progress)
    • Recognize and implement process improvements. 
    • Stay up to date on all polices and procedure as they may change.
    • Consistently look for ways to be efficient and effective in your tasks
    • Share goals to be the premiere lawn care company in the area
    • Build a culture of excellence
    • Maintain a positive attitude and help create a great work environment where teamwork and productivity flourish.
    • Develop good working relationships with coworkers to ensure collaboration
    • Any other duties as assigned
    • Have fun!
    With our growth rate, assigned tasks may change as the company grows and roles continue to be assigned. 
    Additional functions may include, but would not be limited to:
    • Selling In bound phone sales leads
    • Marketing – social media, internet presence, online review gathering
    • Human Resources – recruit new talent, interview, onboard new hires