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    In 2012, the Hemisphere Brewing Company concept was born and the search for a brewery location began. After two long years of searching, Rockwall, Texas officially became our home in October of 2014. After many setbacks and a ton of perseverance (let’s chat about that over a beer or two), we opened our doors to the public on March 17, 2017 – St. Patrick’s Day.

    Our Brand Core Values: Passion, Quality, Innovation, Loyalty
    The key difference with Hemisphere Brewing Company is that our craft beer isn’t commodity driven, but rather driven by a passion and love for what we do, which ties directly to our brand core values: Passion, Quality, Innovation, and Loyalty.

    We’ve spent years formulating our recipes to be world class craft beers. We’ve tested and re-tested and dumped many beers, then started all over again until they meet our high quality and innovative standards. We want every Texas craft beer we offer to be a unique and genuine experience for everyone – from the craft beer enthusiast, to the home brewer, to those looking for simplicity.

    We know our journey has only begun, and we believe these years of sacrifice and work have prepared us for significant growth in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. And with such unbelievably great breweries in the area, we know we couldn’t be amongst better company.

    We’re addicted to quality, innovative brewing, and great music. So come on out and experience real Texas craft beer brewed with love in Rockwall, Texas.


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    Could you get more beautiful?
    Black Sacrament - delicious!
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    Proud sponsor of the Rockwall Cycling Club
    Best Beer-Rita’s around.
    64 ounce Growler to go.
    Come grab a Flight and find what you like
    Private Breakfast Club...inquire for details
    Special brews- Smoke Sessions Peach, paired with Smoke Sessions BBQ
    Growlers!  They don’t bite.
    Special brewed beers