• Leadership Rockwall Program  Calendar

    August 25, 2016

    Welcome Reception & Alumni Mixer/ Orientation Meeting

    Class members meet for the first time with Leadership Rockwall alumni for a reception.  This is your first opportunity to meet your classmates and get acquainted with alumni.  Following the reception, the 2016-2017 class will meet with Class Advisor(s) to review the next nine months and answer questions.   5:00-7:30 p.m.


    Sept. 9-10, 2016

    Mandatory Opening Weekend Retreat

    Leadership Rockwall is built on strong fundamental leadership principles.  Class members begin their leadership journey with an overnight retreat. At the two-day retreat, class members will participate in a number of interactive, team-building activities and discover their own leadership style and learning how to utilize style differences.  The class participates in a series of teambuilding and outdoor initiatives involving problem-solving, trust, and risk-taking on a ROPES Challenge course at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  The retreat allows class members to push themselves and provides the skills and confidence necessary to be effective leaders while designed to demonstrate the dynamics of effective leadership. Friday-8:00 a.m. – Saturday 4:00 –p.m.


    Oct. 11, 2016

    Social Services, Non-Profits & Community Engagement

    Classmates learn about the local non-profits, the critical services they provide and their impact on the community and the challenges such organizations face in obtaining funding and support to continue their mission.  Participants also gain an awareness of cultural arts in the community.


    Nov. 8, 2016

    National, State & City Government & Economic Development

    Through presentations and tours, participants gain an understanding of the impact of business and economic development on the city’s budget, challenges facing small and large businesses and a “State of the City” overview from elected officials and city management.  This session will provide participants with a deep appreciation for the social, environmental and economic interests our leaders must balance in their decisions.  Classmates also gain insights into city programs and services that contribute to the quality of life in the community and learn about city volunteer opportunities.   The second half of the day focuses on the community’s economic forecast and initiatives in fostering a sustainable economy. The class meets with economic development leaders to discuss current initiatives and programs and tours some of the city’s technology park businesses.  REDC focuses on existing business growth; economic development strategies, workforce development solutions, and industry recruitment.  This is an interactive session on the importance and vitality of economic development in Rockwall County. 


    Dec. 13, 2016

    Health Services

    Presentations by local healthcare providers and tours of medical facilities provide a look into

    patient care and wellbeing and issues affecting healthcare institutions and treatment.  Learn about the health issues facing our community and meet the leaders and organizations dedicated to addressing those challenges.   Participants also gain awareness of community agencies that meet the healthcare needs of the indigent and uninsured and those facing physical or mental challenges.   Living and care facilities and communities for seniors will also be included. 


    Leadership Rockwall Alumni & Class of 2016 Holiday Party 
    (Location TBA)

    Jan. 10, 2017

    Rockwall County Department & Services

    Class members examine the county’s organizational structure, policy-making and administrative branch of county government and associated resources available to assist in meeting the needs of those who conduct business and live in Rockwall County.  In addition, this day will provide a perspective of Rockwall’s rich history which reflects the contributions of varied business, ethnic, religious and cultural groups. Explore the city’s heritage, identity, economic development and individual achievements.

    Feb. 26-28, 2017

    Rockwall County Days - State Capitol

    The annual trip to Austin educates participants on the governmental process as well as provides them with a thorough knowledge of the impact governmental affairs has on the Rockwall County community.  This trip demonstrates how policy-makers make decisions that have a direct impact on the state’s business climate. Gain an appreciation of the dynamics of public policy as you meet face-to-face with decision-makers.


    Mar. 21 2017

    Education and Workforce Development

    Visits to educational facilities and presentations by representatives from RISD and TAMU-Commerce explore topics such as curriculum, school finance, technology, community partnerships, and current educational issues.  A multi-faceted approach to workforce development will be shared involving community educational institutions with educational pathways from certification of general work place readiness to certification of specific skills and competencies to two, four, and graduate degrees with the objective of business and industry supporting community workforce development programs.  The day will conclude with participants taking part in the highly-acclaimed and high-energy RISD Education Foundation’s ‘PRIZE PATROL’ awards program.


    Apr. 11, 2017

    Quality of Life/Public Safety & Criminal Justice

    Morning Session:  Local law enforcement and fire officials interact with the class to offer an overview of public safety and response in the area. Representatives from police, fire and the criminal justice system provide an overview of crime prevention, emergency response, and public safety. Participants also tour local facilities, including the Rockwall County Justice Center and Juvenile Detention Center.  Gain an understanding of issues faced by our state’s court systems, correctional facilities and police forces.  The highlight of the day is when participants are able to take a jail tour and see what life is really like behind bars.

    Afternoon Session:  Classmates learn about elements that improve the quality of life and ways to contribute to our economy and community in terms of where we are headed with regard to economic development and residential quality of life.  The Parks and Recreation department and Rockwall Main Street program will share experiences residents and visitors can encounter with these services.


    May 9, 2017

    Building Leaders

    This session joins the participants, Leadership Alumni and business & community leaders and elected officials together to share future involvement opportunities around increasing the strength and effectiveness of our community.  We will conclude with “The Year in Review” and challenge participants to reflect on their leadership journey and envision their future involvement.  Some of the topics to be reviewed are Leadership & Strategic Thinking; Communication; Balancing the Professional Career & Personal Life & Service. 


    May 17, 2017

    Graduation Day

    Rockwall County Courthouse- Liberty Hall |
    11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.