• Signature Events

    The Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce Signature Events are opportunities for our Partners to network, get involved via planning committees but most importantly, to have fun with their fellow Chamber Partners in a relaxed environment.

  • The Greatest Chamber Annual Banquet

    Thursday January 24th | 6:00 pm

    The Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront

    We will kick off our 90th anniversary with a bang! You don't want to miss our 2019 Annual Banquet! We will celebrate the Greatest Chamber and Community on Earth as we come together to remember the past as we grow for the future. 


  • First Responders Lunch

    Spring 2019

    In order for a community to thrive, its residents and visitors must feel safe and secure. Rockwall County first responders and public safety professionals are some of the finest, and its your opportunity as a leader in the business community to thank these brave me and women. 

    Interested in joining the planning committee, email Savannah@RockwallChamber.org


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  • Caddy Shack Par-Tee & Golf Tournament

    Spring 2019


    Our Caddy Shack Golf Tournament is a tradition among Rockwall's finest business-minded golfers. The festivities begin with a pre-tournament Part-Tee which includes music, dinner and an auction benefiting The Rockwall Chamber. 

    Thank you to our Caddy Shack Planning Committee for volunteering their time and talents. Our events would not be possible without your help!


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  • Rockwall ISD new teachers and employees gather with area business leaders and citizens to kick off the new school year. It is a great opportunity to build your brand awareness and a wonderful way to show your appreciation to the individuals who will be teaching and caring for Rockwall's future leaders
    A portion of the proceeds will be gifted to RISD Education Foundation to award an Innovative Teaching grant focused on Entrepreneurship & Commerce.

  • Chamber Classic Clay Shoot

    October 12th, 2017

    Rockwall Gun Club

    Local businesses are sure to have a great time while promoting their brand at The Chamber Classic Clay Shoot! The Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to produce this opportunity to bring like minded individuals together to not only network, but to enjoy a day out of the office at a fun, leisure activity.

    Interested in joining the planning committee? Email Savannah@RockwallChamber.org

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  • It's 5:00 Somewhere - Partner Showcase


    It's 5:00 Somewhere Free Networking and Expo event is an opportunity for partners to network with fellow partners as well as display any goods, products and/or information.  Our restaurant partners are also invited and will have samples of delicious food, and of course it just wouldn’t be 5:00 Somewhere without some yummy margarita’s!

    Interested in joining the planning committee for It's 5:00 Somewhere? Email Savannah@RockwallChamber.org

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  • La Tee Da

    November 30th, 2017

    La Tee Da is a posh, women's only event. This ladies night out offers transportation, dinner, spirits, shopping and pampering stations. Attendees will enjoy shopping from local, unique vendors. Many raffle prizes are given throughout the evening including a grand prize piece of jewelry!

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